Shavonne is more than just a Fantastic Realtor, she is also an Incredible Friend

Working for a home builder, I come into contact with realtors on a daily basis. I have never met a realtor who exemplifies more of a Godly spirit and commitment to her faith, family, and work than Shavonne.
Shavonne has unquestionable ethics and knowledge of not only doing the job but always doing it right. I cannot think of any other person I would trust more than Shavonne to ensure that my family is taken care of during the exciting but very stressful process.
She has a unique ability to foster the joy while removing the unnecessary stress that comes with selling your house.
Shavonne is more than just a fantastic realtor, she is also an incredible friend. 
She treats her clients like family, and after getting to know hers, there is no doubt that she is a model for how a realtor and mother should be.
My wife and I, and now our son, are indebted to Shavonne for all of the hard work she has done, including the late hours she works ensuring that 
the job is done right.

We are tremendously proud to call her not just our realtor but also our dear friend.
It is with absolutely no hesitancy and overflowing excitement that we recommend Shavonne for any real estate transaction to be made.

— John and Megan Stanley